brand heritage

Summers & Co. was established in July 2016 after years of contemplating bringing my fashion design thesis, a women’s fly fishing brand, to life. Summers & Co. makes high quality, tailored, feminine apparel and accessories that empower women of all ages to enjoy the sport of fishing. The brand captures the ethereal qualities of the sport to inspire women to engage in fishing in a way that affirms their sense of femininity, athleticism, grace and adventure. Our products, such as our vests, are reinvented and modern, while holding the heritage and tradition of fishing.

The idea behind Summers & Co., a fishing lifestyle brand for women, is rooted in the story of my family. My grandfather, Bob Summers, is the renowned craftsman of R.W. Summers bamboo fly rods. Growing up near him, in my hometown of Traverse City, Michigan—a legendary fishing area, I learned to love all aspects of fishing and formed a deep appreciation of the beauty, the gracefulness and the heritage that is woven deeply into the sport. Alongside my childhood exposure to fly fishing, I became interested in fashion design. My love for design led me to attend the University of Cincinnati for Fashion Design/Product Development where I was able to develop a deep understanding of both the creative and business sides of the fashion industry. All of these experiences helped me form Summers & Co., which brings together my passion for design and most importantly my family’s heritage.

Our products are American made, following in the footsteps of my grandfather’s business.

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